Saturday, 25 July 2015

Time to Reflect

Welcome back, it's been a while hasn't it? Did you notice I've re-vamped my blog a little? I was browsing through old posts this morning and thought my blog just looked too girly and far too cluttered. I've changed a lot since I first started back in 2011, so thought my blog needed to do a little catching up, and so I think now it is looking much tidier and a little more me.

This is all in aid of me wanting to get back into blogging (something I have probably said one too many time over the last couple of years, to no avail). I've picked up and dropped off far too many times than I care to remember since life became all about working hard for a pay check and not much else. I'd write out a plan of posts I'd want to write, but never get around to writing them or even taking the photos. To be honest, posing in the garden in my latest Primark purchases and then editing a ream of photos I cannot stand of myself just wasn't what motivated me anymore. Nor do I have the time to paint my nails a different shade every other day, or feel that I can justify spending my hard earned money on every new beauty item on the market just so I could review it on my blog.

I suppose growing up and getting sucked into the corporate world of work does make you reevaluate your priorities - a sad fact of life. However, abandoning my blog has always been an action I've regretted. Hence the occasional bursts of effort to revive it. So, this time I have decided it's going to be different. It may not be the blog you originally subscribed to, but it will be me and it will be authentic.

I am going to use this blog as an online diary. A place where I can unload and share my joys and woes of life. This doesn't necessarily mean I will stop talking about hair extensions or my favourite foundation, but I will actually save these mentions for when I really mean it.

I hope some of you will be glad to see I'm making a conscious effort to return. But to be honest, even if know one reads this, I think this will simply be a great form of therapy.