Sunday, 15 December 2013

Dirty Looks HK Full Head Hair Extensions

Dirty Looks HK Full Head Hair Extensions c/o - Expresso Dark Brown 16-18 Inches 160g

I am a self confessed hair extension obsessive, and so I like to consider myself a bit of an expert when it comes to all things clip in! I've been wearing hair extensions since I was 17 years old, after cutting my hair to a regrettably short length! So as a result, hair extensions have become the backbone of my hair styling routine for any night out! Over the years my extension application technique has improved as well as my choice in product. After trying brand after brand, I know what works for me and what you should always look for in a pair of extensions - that is if you want them to look heathy, look realistic and last a good length of time!

To me, the Dirty Looks hair extensions (formally know as 'Head Kandy') posses all the features that make a damn good set of hair extension! At the shortest length (12-14"), the hair extensions weigh 150g - which is a generous helping of hair! I chose the 16-18" set, which is a glorious 160g of hair. When it comes to hair extension, the thicker the better. You usually find brands offer around 90g of hair for 18" sets, which if you want a luxurious realistic look, just isn't enough at all. Lengths available range all the way up to 24-26", and you can be assured that grams are not compromised the longer the extensions get.

First time extension users are often stumped as to how to position their hair extensions, but HK take the hard work out of it as they number each weft (an impressive 8 wefts in total) and correspond this with a step by step guide to show you exactly where to clip them in. I adore their recommended method, as it means my head is covered generously from all angles. 

Overall, these extensions are a girls dream! Impossibly soft, with amazing lasting power (I still use a set purchased 2 years a go, and they are in great condition)! I recommend these for any first time extension users, as well as to experienced users who are looking to try something new! I guarantee you won't be disappointed - definitely an investment you won't regret!