Thursday, 31 May 2012

Spot The Difference?

Well, some of you may notice the difference here, some may not, but here is me with out my beloved hair extensions. 

For some of you, this may not be a big deal, and you may not get why I've done a entire post dedicated to me without my clip in hair extensions in, but for me, it is quite a big deal! Although I do wear my hair extensions a lot, I felt it was fair to share with you what my natural hair is actually like. I get a lot of comments on my hair, and my followers are so nice about it, and although I put a lot of effort into styling my hair with extensions to make it look natural, I sometimes feel a twinge of guilt at the nice comments thinking followers may not know they're extensions.

I may sound a bit dramatic, and if I do then I apologise! But to be honest, I just am not keen on my hair at its natural length or thickness. And its grown into quite a habit to wear my extensions, otherwise I just don't feel attractive.

So, baring a little bit of myself to you guys today. Seems so petty when I put it down in words, but I spose everyone's got their insecurities?

P.S. My dress is from H&M :)

Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Well, how great has this sunshine been? For any of my readers outside of the UK, the sun doesn't often pay us a visit, so when Mr Sunshine does come to say hello, we get all excitable!

So, to embrace this unexpected heatwave, I whipped on my lace shirt dress from Primark, which I mentioned in my
haul video. It was only £15, and an amazing dupe for this Lipsy dress, at a quarter of the price. Its beautiful quality, coming with slip underneath to hide away the undies! I love the lace top paired with the chiffon bottom, which gives it such a floaty, princess look!

I teamed it with this cute floral crown from the
New Look sale, which was only £3! Such a bargain! I love the romantic feel it creates, its just a beautiful piece for the Spring/Summer months. I also wore my croshay lace bow sandals from Primark. I can't remember how much I paid for them, I think it was in the region of £4-6, and it was only about a month ago so I'm sure they'll still be available.

To finish it off I stuck on my new animal print raybans from
New Look, which were an amazing £2.99! I can't believe the bargains I've found in New Look recently! Also, my ring is from the jewellery shop Muse, for only £2 or £3 if I remember correctly!

What do you make of my summery look? What outfits were you excited to pull out of your wardrobe when the sun came out?

Friday, 25 May 2012

I&K Clip In Straight Hair Extensions

I am a dedicated hair extension wearer and lover. Having been wearing hair extensions since I was 17, I feel like I have a pretty good grasp of what makes a good set of extensions. I've ordered from Hair Trade before, when I was 18 and I loved them then. I actually order a few sets in succession because they had become a firm favourite. Now, at 21, I can confirm the I&K extensions are just as great as ever.

I chose the shade Darkest Brown in 18 inches which can be brought for £59.99 - a decent price for a set of human hair extensions. You get ten pieces in the set, two are without clips so I'd recommend picking up a packet from ebay to sew onto these two extra strips - the more hair the better! 

One of the first things I noticed about these extensions were how soft they felt. I instantly felt the need to rub them against my face, as the softness and quality was outstanding. When attaching the clips, I really liked how tightly the clips gripped the hair, after wearing them for a few hours they hadn't budged due to their secure grip. They're also small and discreet clips, so hid within my natural hair very easily. 

Another feature I picked up on was how lightweight the hair felt when it was all in. With such small clips I felt I could move my head and hair around easily, creating a very natural look and feel. I also love the length of the hair, as with these extensions you will find that if you're ordering 18inches, like I did, you will get 20inches, as the extensions always come 2inches longer - essentially, getting more for your money!

Overall, I really like these hair extensions. I really appreciate the change of clip and how secure the hair felt to my head, definitely a plus for day to day, and daytime use. At 120g of hair, you get a decent amount, enough to cover a whole head easily. Although, its not as much hair as I've experienced in more expensive sets, this hair is definitely perfect if you're looking for length over thickening your natural hair, and you could always create a thicker look from curling. As you can of course curl, straighten and dye your these extensions as you could with your natural hair.

Its also worth mentioning that the extensions arrive in a long box, keeping them flat so they don't kink or curl, ready to wear straight out the packet! I would 100% recommend these extensions, especially for such a reasonable price for such beautiful hair.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


So, Friday night was a big night indeed for Jack and I! You see, Jack is on the Music Composition course at uni, and he had to put together a final event for his degree. Being an amazingly talented singer-songwriter, Jack's final performance was for the launch of his album. It was an AMAZING night, I was a nervous wreck up until he went on stage, but then Jack and his band totally blew everyone out of the water with a perfect set, and it just felt amazing. I got a little emotional and ran onto the stage after the first half! I put a lot of input into the show so it meant a lot to me that it went as perfectly as possible! If anyone's interested in downloading a copy of his album I'll give you guys a link when its up on itunes! We actually sold out of copies on the night which was fantastic!

Anyway, enough of me swooning over my musical boyfriend, above is what I wore to the show. After seeing the amazing Bran wearing the above dress on her blog, I just fell in love with it. I definitely wanted something new for Jack's show, because it was an important night, so after finding some rather handy discount codes on Victoria's blog, I went ahead and brought it off the H&M site. I was so excited when it arrived because its a seriously beautiful dress. Its made from this soft material that feels so silky and the colours and so rich in it. Plus I don't own anything paisley, so its fun to try something different.

I wore just black tights because it was kind of short of me, and some black shoe boot wedges from New Look that I got in the winter, which really lengthened my legs - always good! 

We went for some drinks after, and got a little woozy in the process, but it really was such an amazing night and I'm so proud of my boyfriend, and so thankful to his talented band and everyone that helped out on the night and came to watch!

Monday, 21 May 2012

White Wedding

Hey stranger! Sorry its been a while! But I'm back now, so lets not dwell on the past! I'm all finished at university now - the strangest of feelings I will admit. Where has the last three years of my life gone to?

Anyway, my beautiful cousin got married on Saturday. It was an amazing day, absolutely perfect and I'm so happy for her and her hubby! Got me very excited for my wedding day, whenever that'll be! Also, two pregnant cousins got me feeling very broody too!! (Sorry Jack!)

It took me a while to figure out what I was going to wear, wedding appropriate outfits are quite hard to pick for I find. Having changed my mind on my original choice, I went with this amazing Lipsy dress, that I brought for my 21st birthday, last September. Its a stunning dress and I haven't had an occasion to wear it since my party, so I was excited to get it back out of the wardrobe! I paired it with an amazing pastel pink blazer from Primark, which was only £15. Was a bit of a rushed purchase, but I'm so glad I picked it up because its such a gorgeous colour and went with the dress so well! Finally, some simple black wedges from New Look.

I got a lot of compliments on the dress! I adore it, its so flattering and I love the bralette top. They don't have this dress in stock any more from what I can see, but they do have this one, which is extremely similar in style and gorgeous! 
Lipsy London has long been a favourite of mine for amazing evening dresses, so I thought I'd have a little browse of their site for ideas for our university ball at the beginning of June!
As you can see, I haven't made my mind up whether I want to go for maxi or mini yet! So, if I win the lottery, I'll probably buy them all!

What do you make of my Lipsy choices? Are you a fan?

Sunday, 6 May 2012


Hey guys, so, I apologise for not posting since Monday! And, I'm afraid I won't be posting til my exam is over and my dissertation is in! Its pretty much crunch time at the moment, so really just don't have the time to dedicate to my blog at the moment! Amongst revising, working on my dissertation, and having to squeeze in doing hair and make up for my friend's production, I don't have the time to buy products, test them, take photos or write posts! 

I thought I'd let you guys know what's happening, but what is a post without some photos for you fine people? Here I'm wearing a gorgeous dress that the lovely Rebecca from Autumn Leaves asked me to model for her back in March! Its from L'Atelier Fashion, and I pretty much adore everything about it! Plus its made out of the softest, silkiest material I think I've ever felt!

Anyway, I hope you all understand how pushed I am for time at the moment! Normal blogging shall resume from 14th I am happy to say! Good luck to all my fellow third years!

Oh yeah, if anyone wants to nominate me for 'Best New Beauty Blog' at the Cosmo blog awards that would be awful nice of you! You can nominate your favourite bloggys here! Or you could nominate me for 'Next Newcomer' blog award here!