Thursday, 30 August 2012

Booooom, Blast & Ruin

NYC New York Color Expert LastLong Wearing Nail Polish in Lavender Cupcake and Mint Macaroon (c/o)

I love my nail art I do! But I wanted to show you guys its not all about nail pens and having a steady hand! You don't need to splash out on a set of nail brushes or buy thin tip brush nail polishes. All you need, is two of your favourite colours and some sellotape!!

I suppose you can gather from the pictures where I placed the sellotape to create these patterns. When it comes to the diagonal stripes, cut the tape into thin, even sections to get an even thickness between the lines and angle carefully on the nails. 

Make sure your base colour is completely dry before you start applying the sellotape. To ensure the tape doesn't take off any of the original varnish, stick the piece to your skin and peel it off to lose some of its tackiness then apply to your nail. I'd advise position all the pieces of tape to every nail before you begin applying your second nail varnish. Then remove the tape whilst the nail varnish is still wet by slowly peeling off.

When completely dry you can add a top coat, but these NYC polishes are meant to be long wearing, so I'm putting them to the test and not applying a top coat! I love these colours, so wanted to make the most of them before autumn takes over and our polishes all get a little darker and vampier! Plus how cute are the names? Mint Macaroon!! Love it :)

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

NYC Big Bold Mascara

NYC Big Bold Mascara in Extra Black (c/o) 

I'm addicted to mascara, always looking for new ones to add to my collection and work into my mascara routine (I usually wear two or three different mascaras at once). Long eyelashes are one of my must have looks, and although I don't often wear false eyelashes, I adore piling on the mascara to achieve long, dark lashes on a day to day basis.

The Big Bold Mascara has a large applicator brush, not too dissimilar to that of Benefit's Bad Gal mascara. I usually prefer narrower brushes, but I know a lot prefer bigger ones like these. Nevertheless, I am impressed with this applicator. It reaches right across the lashes easily in one swipe meaning an even application and less clumping. 

I like to be generous with my mascaras, and so with a few coats I achieved a very natural, long length look (this mascara applied alone). I would definitely recommend it for girls who prefer a natural look but still want to achieve a voluminous look, however, I do think its very buildable and you could create a more dramatic look with it. Its a very handy little mascara and I'll definitely be working it into my mascara routine to finish off my look!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Studded Flatforms

Lottie Black Suede Studded Flatforms: Tribeca Shoes (c/o)

I've wanted a new pair of flatforms for pretty much as long as they've been about, however I haven't been able to find a pair that I'm willing to lay some dollars down for. Having said that, when I spotted these on the Tribeca Shoes site, it was pretty much love at first site.

I love black heels, I have an abundance of pairs simply because they're the most versatile of shades. So, I love the studded detailing on the front of these as it means I can reach out of my usual comfort zone, and it really gives them an edgy look without having to go for bright shades that'll only go with limited outfits!

One of the main things I love about flatforms is that my feet love them. When I wear heels, I last about 3hrs max, then my toes give out on my and I'm hobbling for the rest of the night. So, the level platform makes a hell of a difference for me, without having to compromise on a bit of added extra height!

For £15, these flatforms are a crazy bargain, and I'm actually really impressed with the range of value for money shoes on the Tribeca Shoes site! I've especially been eyeing up these leopard print ankle boots for winter!

Monday, 20 August 2012

This Woman's Work

Peplum: Lavish Alice, Skinny Trousers: Dorothy Perkins, Necklace: New Look, Ring: New Look, Flatforms: New Look

Well, I have an interview tomorrow! And so today, I was working out what I wanted to wear. So, what do you think of what I put together? Do I look professional? Would you hire me? ;) haha!

I'm going for a graduate position, I think I'm qualified enough, but we shall see! As for the internship, that ended last month for any wondering, I wasn't there for very long. I've been working on a couple of projects, but am definitely eager to get into some full time work after finishing uni in June!

I love this peplum top, looking forward to getting some more wear out of it as the weather starts getting chillier in September!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable in Darling (currently £2 off)

These Revlon balms have been tempting me for a while now, so I picked this one up the other week in the shade 'Darling' as I've been very keen to get a lilac colour lip product for a while now.

Revlon are without a doubt my go to brand for lip products, regardless of this, but I can confirm once again Revlon did good! To begin with, the pigmentation is fabulous! For a balm you'd perhaps not expect a very bold colour pay off, but this balm does not disappoint. I was actually quite taken a back in the store when I was testing all the shades out at the colour that was coming from these balms. Having tested out Clinique's Chubby Sticks, the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable definitely delivers to a much high standard in this department (for a fraction of the price may I add!).

I have very dry lips at the moment for some unknown reason, however as this is a balm as well as a lip colour, it takes care of this problem. It doesn't gather in dry spots and goes on extremely smoothly. Just colour your lips in like you would with a giant crayon, with precise application being a much easier job with it's pointed tip, and your colour will last for hours! Its really a very impressive product. 

Also, it has a minty smell which really is very pleasant and fresh - which is an added bonus! I definitely think I'm going to go back for more colours, especially while they're on offer!!

Has anyone else tried the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains? What colours have you tried? Are you as impressed as I am?

Friday, 10 August 2012

My Current Hair Care Routine

I've stepped my hair care routine up a notch since I had it cut about a month ago. I've been growing my hair for about three years now, taking hair growth vitamins and using hair encouragement hair masks and my hair has ever so slowly been growing. However, I know the one thing I've missed out in this routine is stability. I never paid too much attention to what shampoo and conditioner I was picking up, would sprits a bit of heat protection on and that was it. Being a student, I'd just pick up whatever shampoo/conditioner combos were on offer and that was it. To be honest, I don't understand now how I was confused that my hair was barely budging!

I've been reading up a lot about Argan oil recently and the wonders of this amazing oil, and now from experiencing it on my own hair I can tell you it is definitely the best thing you can put on your hair. With my current routine, I'm feeling a definite difference in the feel of my hair, the look of my hair and the growth of my hair. The ends look thicker, it feels so, so soft and I've definitely gained back the length I got cut off last month already.

So, here's a run through of what I'm using at the moment, and yes, they all contain Argan oil!

I've been looking for a new shampoo for a while and was prepared to spend a bit of money on a decent one that was going to make a visible difference. However, on a trip to Morrisons I was perusing the toiletries isle and came across this beauty, for only £3.80 if I remember correctly. As soon as I saw those magic words: 'Argan oil' on the back, I nabbed it straight away! 

Its a big 400ml bottle, so great value for money for starters. On the bottle it claims to nourish and tame last smoothness for dry, frizzy and rebellious hair. Its anti-humidity (great for if you're going on holiday, which I'm not wah) and claims up to 48hrs of anti-frizz! However, above all this probably the two most important factors for myself are the Argan oil contend and the thermo protect, as I'm a major heat whore! 

This shampoo smells amazing, really luxurious and lathers up a treat! In the shower I can instantly feel the smoothing effects as I'm washing it out which I find really impressive. Its consistency fairly oily, indicating to me that the Argan oil is very present, as well as this it is that ominous golden colour that we associate with Argan. Its so smooth, I can actually rub it into my dry skin and it absorbs in very easily, leaving quite a smooth finish! I mention this as Argan is also known for its skin smoothing benefits.

Conditioner: Moroccan Oil Restorative Hair Mask (c/o Hair Trade)

I think everyone knows that Moroccan Oil is the must have hair product at the moment. I've been desperate to try their hair mask out for myself for months and months, after reading amazing reviews and watching YouTubers raving about the incredible effects of the Moroccan Oil treatments. 

Moroccan Oil's range include everything from glimmer spray to luminous hair spray, all containing the magical ingredient of Argan oil! The restorative mask is designed to help reconstruct and rebuild, r
everses damage done by chemicals, restores hair from environmental elements like sun and wind, penetrate deep into the hair with a unique formula brings out hairs inner health and leaves hair shiny and moisturised. 

The conditioner itself has a very rich and smooth feel to it. I scoop a small amount into my hand and smooth it through my mids and ends of my hair and leave it in while I shave my legs and wash my face. I would presume for a more intense effect you could leave it in for about half an hour and wash out. I really think it does the job in depositing the Argan into my hair and I've definitely noticed my ends look thicker after I've used it, so it must be helping with my split and dead ends. The smell is very distinct and smells fresh and revitalising, plus I feel the Argan does remain in my hair after I've washed it out.

I use this every other time I was my hair, using the
Boots Coconut and Almond Hair Mask in between, as I don't want my hair to become resistant to it as I've heard can happen with intensive conditioners (don't know if this is true?). Overall, a very impressive conditioning mask, worth the money.

This was an exciting discovery for me. My mum always goes on about the K√©rastase Elixr Ultime Versatile Beautifying Oil and what a difference it has made to her hair (baring in mind she has long, regularly coloured hair) and I wanted to try something similar to this but wasn't keen on the price tag.

I came across the Avon treatment when I was researching for an article and instantly found some great reviews of it. It was a real bargain especially seeing as it contains Argan oil, so thought it was worth the risk and went for it. I pump two squirts into the palm of my hand, rub in between my hands slightly, then run through the mids and ends of my towel dried hair to absorb in as my hair dries. Spraying on some heat defence spray (I used Morrison's own as it smells of melon and mangos) and blow dry my hair as usual.

I do try to use the hair dryer on the coolest temperature on my ends now to try and minimise the heat damage as much as possible. After drying my hair it honestly feels intensely smooth. This oil treatment has literally been my saviour and really is the fitting way to end my new hair care routine. My hair definitely feels more moisturised and hydrated which I'm hoping will continue in encouraging my hair to grow!

What is your current routine? Have you made any changes which have made a significant difference? And is anyone else as obsessed with Argan oil as I am?! haha!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Hello, Kitty!

Base: Saffron London in White, Nail Stickers: Bows and Hello Kitty.

Hands up! Yes, I am sporting the nails of a 12 year old girl at the moment, but I don't care! Although these might be the tackiest, most childish nail design I've thrown together, I'm still quite enjoying it. I had an obsession with Hello Kitty for years so I'm pretty much a sucker for anything that comes with that little cutie on it!

These stickers are great application wise, very easy to position and stick down well. The Saffron white polish I'm not overly keen on, but use it because its the only white polish I have! Its really thick and smells like wall paint, however on the plus side does have good colour pay off - none of that wishy washy sheer stuff and has a matte finish.

These nails were originally meant to be the base of my Batman nails which I was very excited to do, but turns out the decals were rubbish and I gave up after the first two nails and went for my faithful Kitty instead!

What do you make of my 12 year old nails? Would you go for it?

Friday, 3 August 2012

Little Brother

Dress: Glamorous (c/o), Watch: Michael Kors, Bracelet: Barcelona, Ring: Marie Loves Jewellery, Nails: Speckled Eggs

I feel like I've been a really bad blogger the past couple week, not posting as often as I'd like to be. I've been writing for a website that's due to launch soon and its literally been consuming all of my time, brain and will power, so I've been drained for ideas for the old blog! I've been writing a lot of style, fashion and health advice pieces so I'll be sure to share them with you guys once the site is launched!

Luckily, Glamorous sent me this gorgeous paisley printed dress, and as soon as I received it I wanted to share it with you guys straight away! Its literally the softest material ever, and I love it's retro shape (think Mary Quant!) 

Have been absolutely hooked to all the Olympic events! Its actually so much fun to get into and I'm really impressed with all of team GB, we're doing so well! Jack and I went to see team GB in the football in Old Trafford, and it was so great to see everyone really getting into in. Really looking forward to the track events starting soon! Can't wait to see Usain Bolt run!

Anyone else got unexpectedly hooked to the Olympics? Have a lovely weekend guys :)

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

My Daily Make Up

Contour: MUA Bronzer in Shade 2, Applied with: Real Techniques Contour Brush.

Blush: MUA Blusher in Shade 2, Applied with: The Body Shop Blusher Brush.

Eyebrows: 17 Eyebrow Shaper in Natural Brown.

My daily make up is a tried and tested routine, once I find a product I love and a routine that suits me, I tend to stick to it for a damn long time! 

What are your daily make up favourites? Do any of these make an appearance in your routine?