Thursday, 27 September 2012

Garnier Pure Anti-Blackhead Deep Pore Wash

Garnier Pure Anti-Blackhead Deep Pour Wash - Superdrug

I would never describe myself as having 'problem' skin so have never really had to go to a lot of effort to maintain my skin. I suppose I'm lucky in that respect, nevertheless I do have oily skin which needs to be tamed to avoid shiny situations! 

I get the odd spot and used to notice that my pores were quite clogged on my nose, but never came across a product that tackled either issue to a notable standard. I picked 
Garnier Pure Anti-Blackhead Deep Pour Wash pretty much on the off chance, seeing as it was on offer in Morrison's, but I haven't looked back since!

Roughly two months into using the face wash (either in the mornings or when showering) my nose is now completely clear and unclogged! And I can confidently say I haven't had a single outbreak (touch wood!). I would usually be guaranteed a spot around my time of the month (apologises to any possible male readers), which I thought was an inevitable fate. However, this hasn't been the case since using Garnier's face wash.

The product itself is a light exfoliator, gently scented with cucumber, giving you a fresh and zingy feel. I love how clean and bright it makes my skin feel and look, and generally I feel more confident about my bare skin since noticing the effects. I definitely recommend for anyone with a similar skin type to myself.

Has anyone else used Garnier Pure Anti-Blackhead Deep Pour Wash? I've stocked up on a few more bottles as they're reduced down to £1.15 in Superdrug!! What's your go-to skin care product?

Sunday, 23 September 2012

London Fashion Weekend

Dress: River Island, Ring: New Look, Extensions: Head Kandy (post to follow)

So today I went on my travels over to London for Vodafone's London Fashion Weekend at Somerset House. My friend Kurt and I had been overly excited about this for the past month so the event had some pretty high expectations to live up to!

I wore my new leopard print shirt dress that I got for my birthday, as I'm still obsessed with all things animal print. I wrapped up in a long black blazer, fur stole and chelsea boots - a good thing as it bucketed down all day!

The event itself was quite disappointing. We'd opted for the Mulberry goodie bag, which consisted of such uninspiring goodies as a packet of tissues and a toothpaste sample! As well as this, the discount designer sale seemed to be full of clothing from several seasons ago. However, we did enjoy the designer catwalk from Twenty8Twelve, which consisted of some lovely pieces and was nicely arranged. Having said that, they did show us AW 2012/13 not SS 2013 which was a shame as it wasn't their latest collection as you would of seen during London Fashion Week.

Despite getting drenched from the rain and being quite sorely disappointed we still had a fun day out, but may just stick to Oxford Street next time...

Who else attended London Fashion Weekend this year? Did you have a similar experience?

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Croc Nails

Barry M Nail Paint Croc Nail Effects: Boots

You may have seen me post this on my instagram (marieelton) yesterday, but I felt the need to also blog about it and share it with the rest of you lovelies! I grabbed this polish the other day when I noticed Barry M had a buy 2 save £1 on their nail varnish range. Being a sucker for all thing nail art, of course I grabbed it.

Now you may think its just a rebranded version of the crackle polishes that we all raved about this time two years ago, and I was 
admittedly dubious myself when I initially picked it up. However, this polish definitely gives you a much more slick, well defined and expensive look than your standard crackle polishes.

Application is simple, paint on a thin base coat of your choice (I went with Barry M's Bright Pink) and as soon as you've finished both hands whip out the Croc Effects straight away. Your nails much still be tacky when applying this effect, instead of bone dry.

When applying the Croc Nail Effects I found that applying slightly thicker coats created deeper, wider crocodile effects, whilst applying a thin coat (as instructed on the bottle) creates a finer, more detailed effect. I ended up with a mixture of the two, not really being sure how to gauge how much was appropriate for a thin coat. 

Redgardless of this, I was extremely impressed with how it came out, they look almost like I've applied nail stickers or foils. I absolutely adore it and am looking forward to trying it out with different colour base coats! Has anyone else tried the Croc Nail Effects yet?

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Happy Birthday To Ya!

Dress: Love Struck, Boyfriend: Mine ;) (haha)

So, tomorrow is my 22nd birthday! Not so excited about this one to be honest! I keep thinking after my 21st last year, the next big birthday I'll have will be my 30th!! :s

That being said, the celebrations are a little more low key this year. Been out for a meal with a uni friend this weekend and our lovely boyfriends at La Tasca (so good btw), then off for another celebratory meal next weekend with all the besties! I wore this LBD from Love Struck on Saturday night. Absolutely love it, so comfy with beautiful gold, braided shoulder detailing (unfortunately hidden by my hair in this photo).

I started my new job on Wednesday for anyone who read my post on my interview outfit! So glad to finally be making some money, but in the mean time I'll just have to be patient until pay day!

I should be getting a new camera for my birthday (fingers crossed) and am hoping to get back into the YouTube game! Any video requests? I was thinking a work clothes haul, as I've brought quite a few pieces recently! Let me know what you think. 

P.S. 1000 followers! I'm so happy I could cry! Give away at the end of the month ;)

Sunday, 2 September 2012

I&K Dip Dye Clip-in Straight Hair Extensions

I&K Dip Dye Clip-in Straight Hair Extensions in Darkest Brown/Auburn: Hair Trade (c/o)

i've been eagerly waiting for a long while now to get my mitts on a set of ombre hair extensions! I bleached my own set at the beginning of the year, but I wasn't overly satisfied with them. So when i discovered Hair Trade had their own dip dyed extensions I was very, very excited!

i chose a full head, which is 120g of hair at 18inches long as i still wanted to add my usual length as well as the colour. i also went for auburn over light blonde because i wanted the Khloe Kardashian look :) The condition of the extensions are beautiful, very silky and healthy looking. The blonde ends do not look damaged which is brilliant, as those who ombre their hair can sometimes get very damaged, brittle ends. 

I love the colour, I think its gorgeous and really vibrant. I think these extensions are a great alternative if, like me, you don't want to bleach your actual hair. i've spent so long growing mine that I daren't apply bleach to my own hair. i've been desperate to change up my look however, and so this is right up my street, and then i can simply unclip them when I'm done with them for the day!

I would really recommend these extensions for people who have thin to medium hair as i feel it will blend in better. i have quick thick hair, so i feel i need to clip the sides up to help make the extensions more discreet. 

if you'd like help with how to apply your hair extensions, i put a video together a while ago you can watch here.