Thursday, 27 September 2012

Garnier Pure Anti-Blackhead Deep Pore Wash

Garnier Pure Anti-Blackhead Deep Pour Wash - Superdrug

I would never describe myself as having 'problem' skin so have never really had to go to a lot of effort to maintain my skin. I suppose I'm lucky in that respect, nevertheless I do have oily skin which needs to be tamed to avoid shiny situations! 

I get the odd spot and used to notice that my pores were quite clogged on my nose, but never came across a product that tackled either issue to a notable standard. I picked 
Garnier Pure Anti-Blackhead Deep Pour Wash pretty much on the off chance, seeing as it was on offer in Morrison's, but I haven't looked back since!

Roughly two months into using the face wash (either in the mornings or when showering) my nose is now completely clear and unclogged! And I can confidently say I haven't had a single outbreak (touch wood!). I would usually be guaranteed a spot around my time of the month (apologises to any possible male readers), which I thought was an inevitable fate. However, this hasn't been the case since using Garnier's face wash.

The product itself is a light exfoliator, gently scented with cucumber, giving you a fresh and zingy feel. I love how clean and bright it makes my skin feel and look, and generally I feel more confident about my bare skin since noticing the effects. I definitely recommend for anyone with a similar skin type to myself.

Has anyone else used Garnier Pure Anti-Blackhead Deep Pour Wash? I've stocked up on a few more bottles as they're reduced down to £1.15 in Superdrug!! What's your go-to skin care product?


  1. I have a really bad problem with blackheads so this may be the miracle product I need! Think i'll pick it up next time I see it,

  2. I have been trying out so many skin products recently, and my nose is a problem area, defiantly will pick this up for that price is superdrug!

  3. I'm going to give this a try!
    Ashleigh x

  4. I've used this its great and works just as it says on the bottle!!! xo

  5. Haven't tried this face wash but I've been using their Purifying 24h Moisturiser for months now and it's amazing! Bought this by chance as well and haven't looked back ever since :) xx

  6. this sounds amazing! my skin definitely needs a good deep clean! and it's so cheap too!

  7. I neeeed to try this, been getting so many blackheads recently! x

    1. It's such a bargain, definitely try it!