Wednesday, 16 January 2013

My House Inspiration

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Bit of a different post than I'm used to posting on the blog today, but I thought seeing as I've been so fixated recently on moving house in March it would be fun to talk about it on here. I had a scour of the net to help me create some sort of mood board of the style I'm going to be attempting in my new home! As you can probably tell, the colour white is going to be a big theme for me. Jack and I will be moving into quite a small house (or, as I like to call 'cosy') so space maximisation is key! Therefore, I plan to buy all white furnishes, to create the illusion of space and give the house an airy, non-cluttered feel. If you start piling too many shades on top of each other, I feel things can start to feel claustrophobic and easily messy. Being an extremely tidy person, it’s key for me to keep things simplistic and unchaotic. 

Storage is another issue for me. I want everything to have a home and to easily be stored away, therefore keeping floor space as free as possible. Magazine stands, 
ottomans, book shelving are some of the ways I'm going to keep organised in my living room. In the bedroom, underbed storage will be key, perhaps storing clothes away that won't be worn that season to unclutter the wardrobe. My boyfriend has a habit of creating piles of random bits and pieces on his side of the bed, so bedside tables with draws or cupboard space is a necessity so he can hoard his junk away out of sight! 

Also, in the kitchen I've brought a few sets of floral tins to keep things such as sugar and tea bags in. I picked up a matching cream toaster and kettle to create coninunity, and I want to continue the theme with my cutlery and so on. Fairy lights and candles are another must for me. I plan to drape my staircase banister in fairy lights and put candles on my window sills and surfaces to keep things cosy. 

I may do a house tour blog post when I've moved and am settled in to let you guys know how its going. If you've got any suggestions for pieces or ideas I could include in my new home - it would be greatly appreciated!


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  2. These are all such perfect pictures! We live in a small cottage (literally borrower style) so space is a little limited. There's so much furniture I want and see, but have to be a bit realistic and sacrifice things for others. So instead I buy a different vase and real/fake flowers each week to pop in a new corner of the house haha! Men just love it ;) xx

    The Littles.

    1. Awh that's a lovely idea, I definitely want to keep the house refreshed with flowers!! Men just love it hahaha !! X

  3. How gorgeous, I totally love all the pastel colors, so relaxing.

    I'm now following your lovely blog!

    Helen X

  4. This is sooo pretty! I've been re-doing my room as I moved into a new place. I've been loving white and green lately, looks nice together xxx

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  6. Awr gorgeous. I love it :) I want my house to be as perfect! x