Tuesday, 30 July 2013

My Birthday Wishlist: Michael Kors Watch

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Seeing as my birthday is approaching (10th September), I have started to put some thought into what will be on my wish list this year. I also thought a good way to document this as I'm hit with inspiration is to post it on my blog too, and see what everyone else thinks. So, currently my biggest want would be a new watch. But not any old watch, a Michael Kors watch

More than often I find myself browsing the web, cooing over these gorgeous, chunky, statement timepieces! But it usually doesn't take too long for me to come flying back down to earth when I realise my bank account just doesn't feel the same way. So I figured, why not just bite the bullet and put it on my birthday list? I think these watches are ideal for occasion gifts and would make any style conscious lady's dreams come true!

As for me,  I just can't make my mind up which style I prefer! I love the rose gold and the large numbers on the Chronograph watch, but then the chunky weight of the Oversized Gold Chronograph absolutely takes my breath anyway! Anything that shiny and bold cannot be missed!! The great thing about the Michael Kors watches is how even though every other blogger has one, they have become absolutely timeless and still is a real statement piece - I don't see them going out of trend any time soon.

So, mum - can I have a Michael Kors' for my birthday? ;)


  1. I like the look of these, I'm torn between Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors :)

    By the way, are you on bloglovin at all?

    Amy xx
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

    1. ooo I thought you were missing from my feed, that's what I had to search you :) x

  2. These are such amazing watches, I find them so elegant and chic! I hope you get one! haha xx

  3. I'd coo over these too. In fact, I probably have many times. The watches are beautiful. I feel that Michael Kors is a classic designer, full of elegance.
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  4. So desperately want a Micheal Kors watch. Your choices are very similar to mine too! I hope you get one :)

  5. really want that too

  6. I have been looking for Michael Kors watches online so that I can select a lovely watch for my girl friend which I could gift on her birthday.

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