Sunday, 23 October 2011

HeadKandy Hair Extensions Review

So, I’ve had my HeadKandy Hair Extensions for just over two months now; long enough for me to give these extensions an honest and fair review.

Now, I brought the 16-18in’ deluxe full head set, for £74.99 - a reasonable price when it comes to luxury hair extensions. In this set you get 160 grams of hair, and for those new to hair extensions - this is a lot of hair for your money!!

Usually going for longer extensions at about 20/22in’, I decided to go with 16-18 as I’ve had experiences with longer extensions getting a little ratty at the ends. This was probably down to there being lesser hair, which you’ll often find in cheaper sets. However, with these extensions, the hair is thick from root to tip; giving you a full bodied, natural, healthy look.
Every set of HeadKandy extensions comes with 10 wefts for a good full coverage of the whole head. Each weft is numbered (barr the two individual clips) 1-8, and comes with a booklet signaling where to place each weft according to number on your head. I found this amazingly useful, as the way they placed the extensions was different to how I usually do it and I got a far more natural look from this.

HeadKandy’s secret weapon comes in the form of a QUAD WEFT! Yes, a quad weft. This extension sits around mid head point and blends all the hair perfectly together. It’s so thick - (pictured above) you cannot see through the hair when I hold it up. This is luxury hair extensions at their best, providing excellent coverage and a real natural bounce.

The first time I put these extensions in, I felt like I’d just had a really expensive haircut. And even after washing them a few time and straightening (very carefully) they remain silky and gorgeous. I get the most amazing compliments on my hair when I wear this set and feel fantastic.

I 100% recommend these hair extensions to anyone. 


  1. oooh seriously considering these! I have had £30 ones before, you know the type you can buy on the high street and I loved them for nights out. These look like they would last for ages x

    1. I've had them since July and they're still going strong! Seriously love them, they're worth the investment!

  2. These look amazing quality and a cheap price too!
    I use the racoon clip in extensions, which have been fine for me, but much prefer the look of these and the fitment.
    I change my hair colour so often though that I hardly wear them

    1. Just looked up the Racoon extensions, you actually get more hair for less with the headkandy hair extensions! I really recommend them, they're fantastic