Friday, 30 November 2012

Crash Land

 Dress: c/o Fashion Culprit
This is my new favourite dress for work. It's literally so comfy and to make things even better, so pretty! I don't actually own anything like this, and hadn't got anything new with a Peter Pan collar in a while, so this is a fun addition to my wardrobe! I feel very Zooey Deschanel-esqe when I wear this too, so that's never a bad thing! 

It's so hard to find stuff to wear to work now, it's just so cold and miserable all the time - I just want to wrap up in big snug jumpers, scarfs, leggings and boots! Mmm! Talking of wrapping up, I have been going coat mad this winter, currently at a grand total of three new winter coats purchased over the last two months - whoops!


  1. Love your tartan coat - where's it from? River Island?

  2. You look lovely! :) love the outfit. xo
    Nafisah xoxo

  3. you always look amazing :) the outfit is awesome!

  4. Love the red lipstick and collar dress


  5. Love the tartan coat and the red lipstick looks stunning!

    Lizzie xxx

  6. that fair faux stole in the last two instagram pictures is lush!

  7. The floral dress is adorable!!!

    xx Christal xx