Saturday, 24 November 2012

ghd Style & Protect Gift Set

Now here's a great Christmas gift idea for any hair obsessed girl - like me ;) This sleek and sophisticated set includes the Style Straight & Smooth Spray, the Final Style Shine Spray, a paddle brush and two sectioning clips.

The ghd Style Straight & Smooth Spray is designed to h
elp smooth and de-frizz your hair, containing ghd Heat Protection System that ensures a sleek and long lasting look. This heat protectant is light weight  and fruity, perfect for refreshing your hair between washes before heat styling. I struggle to find a heat protecting spray that doesn't weigh down my hair and make it greasy when applying to dry hair, however a few spritz of the straight and smooth spray absorbs into my hair really quickly and it doesn't feel like I've over loaded my hair with product. Despite the spray being aimed at straight hair styles, I do find it helped in creating loose and silky curls - my favourite hair look. 

The Final Style Shine Spray is my new favourite hair spray! I hate hate hair sprays that stiffen your hair and give it that crunchy, unnatural look. This spray is so fine and allows your to rework your hair whilst still holding the style naturally. It also smells sweet and fresh unlike my usual hair spray which often chokes me to death when I apply it!

I love the paddle brush that comes with the set, perfect for post-hair curling when I want to soften my curls and create smooth waves. Followed by the Final Shine Spray is the perfect combination for quick styling. 

This kit is a perfect essentials kit, making your hair gloriously shiny with minimal effort. 


  1. Love the waves in your hair! I own a set of GHDs but I don't know how to create curls. Tutorial?


    1. My first youtube video was on how I curl my hair with straighteners!

  2. I have never really bought into hair care, but I am tempted by this?

    1. I would definitely recommend. Also check out my hair routine post for my other favs

  3. Ohh great present!

    Georgia x

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