Monday, 28 November 2011

eBay Jewellery Finds

Here are a few bits I found on ebay over the past couple weeks. I'm a big fan of searching through jewellery on ebay, as I always seem to find a bargain or two. One of my favourite ebay jewellery sellers is Skorbee, from Hong Kong. Their jewellery does take a while to arrive, but it does has a long way to travel. However, the items are definitely worth the wait. 

My lovely bronze elephant necklace and bronze bow ring were beautifully sent from Skorbee. The packaging was adorable, it was literally like receiving a present in the post (apart from the fact I paid for it myself!) The products are good quality, just as good maybe even better than what you'd find on the UK high street along with an impressive price tag to match. £4.29 for the necklace and £3.16 for the bow ring are prices you just can't argue with! Plus, I receive so many compliments on my elephant pendant, he really is an eye catcher!

Here's also my double finger cross ring, which are pretty popular at the moment which I got from another seller on ebay. I love this ring. It's adjustable so you a fit it over any fingers, but I always wear mine over my middle and ring finger. It goes with so many outfits, definitely my new favourite. 

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  1. these pieces of jewellery are lovely, particularly love the bow ring :) x