Monday, 28 November 2011

Tresemme Salon Professional Ceramic Styler 230

Here are my Tresemme hair straighteners, which I've had for just under a month now and I can happily say they are fantastic.

I brought these straighteners when my previous pair completely cut out on me out of the blue after only a year (by which time I came to realise the guarantee had expired! Terrible!). Terrified as to what I was going to do without my most important hair appliance, I searched Amazon desperately in search of a replacement pair. Usually, if you want a decent set of ceramic hair straighteners, you're looking at paying £70 up really. So, when I came across the Tresemme Salon Professional Ceramic Styler 230 I was pretty convinced they were too good to be true. All the reviews were brilliant, saying that the appliance met, if not exceeded, the high standards of the infamous GHDs. Well, for a measly £20, saving £40 on it's RRP, how could I say no? (Plus, the guarantee was 5 years, much better!)

When I received the straighteners I was pleasantly surprised to see they came with a heat proof travel pouch, which is always useful to have. I immediately plugged the straighteners in and switched them onto their highest setting (an impressive 230 degrees), waited for them to heat up (which takes less that 15 seconds!!) and got stuck into my hair. The 1 inch ceramic plates straighten like a dream, sliding through my hair much more smoothly than my previous, much more expensive hair straighteners.

It's probably important to note that I have quite thick hair, which has always been curly and prone to frizzing. And if a pair of straighteners can tackle that then you know they're a good'un!

Tresemme Salon Professional Ceramic Styler 230 have a very smooth, rounded shell which makes creating curls so easy. I've found with previous, more square, plastic shelled straighteners that when you try and curl your tresses, the curls come out quite square and tight. Where as with these Tresemme straighteners they glide through your hair, helping me create some lovely wavy looks. Plus, the 3 metre swivel cord means you can reach right around your head with ease.

An added bonus for me is the auto shut off feature. A bit of a must for me as I've come home a few times to find my flat overwhelmingly smelt of burning after leaving my straighteners on whilst leaving in a hurry! So I've been pretty lucky to not have burnt the whole block down as of yet!

Overall, I've never been so pleasantly surprised by a hair appliance before, and I 100% recommend these to anyone. It really does do the job to a fantastic standard. 


  1. this sounds like amazing value and quality, especially when you think of the amount of people ho fork out hundreds for a pair of GHDs. Just shows it pays to try and test and shop around a little, great review! x