Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Rainy Day Wish List 29.11.11

If you couldn't tell already, it was raining today, a lot. Plus, it's been one of those headache inducing days at uni, so I was feeling inspired to search for the most comforting and cosy clothes that I'm after for this December.

001. This covers two of my most favourite things right now, the colour black and blouses. Okay, maybe black has always been a fond shade of mine, but this blouse is just gorgeous. I love the little stud detailing, giving it a glamorous, rocker look. I'm also a huge fan recently of the whole, buttoning your shirt up to the collar look. Plus, when can you ever go wrong with the slimming power of the colour black?

002. OH MA GEE how cute is this animal hood? I love love my fur this A/W and am always a fan of anything cute and cuddly! I already have an leopard print faux fur trapper hat from H&M with little ears, but then again how can you ever have enough hats with little ears on?

003. Well, this coat has been on my wish list for many months now. I promised myself I'd buy it in September when it first came up on the Miss Selfridge website, but I'm yet to justify spending £80 on a coat when I already have quite a few... I'm a huge fan of b i g hoods, and well this one is pretty damn big. I'm thinking maybe I should just bite the bullet? Wait, I have no money :(

004. Love this tan scarf, it's just so simple and to the point. I've given up on huge knitted scarves for the time being as I always seem to get covered in wool (and eat it by accident too, it doesn't taste good). I feel it has a sophisticated look to it, and could be very versatile depending on what outfit you added it to.  

005. Just look at that barbie pink beauty. What more do I really need to say? Spotted this in H&M in Birmingham last week and to be honest I've been thinking about it ever since!! I had to put it on straight away, I just thought it was the most adorably divine thing ever! I just don't know what the hell it would go with!

006. Finally, the pom pom hat. I already have a creamy, floppy kind of one, but I just love the chunky knitted nature of this hat. I can just imagine my head feeling very cosy!


  1. buy the coat! you deserve it after all of the hard work we have been doing x

  2. Nice picks, I love that jacket!! x

  3. I've just seen the coat's sold out! oh nooo x