Tuesday, 10 January 2012

January Beauty Box

I was so excited to receive my first Beauty Box in the post yesterday, it just made a good day even better - for the first time in a while! The theme of this month's box was 'New Year, New You' which I really like the idea of. The whole box is themed around rejuvenation and 'starting over' which I think we could all do with a dose of after a heavy Christmas and NYE!

To start off with we've got Phyto's PhytoBaume Color Protect Express Conditioner designed to detangle and improve manageability. It's created for coloured hair, which is a shame as I don't colour my hair. I really wish they would have sent out samples of the regular express conditioner by Phyto. Howvever, after reading descriptions of the product online; "Grapefruit Extract & Hibiscus Flower Acids seal the cuticle to give lustrous, shiny hair and Mallow Extracts & Castor Oil nourish and protect" it sounds like such an intense conditioner, so I think I'll give it a shot anyway. I've dyed my hair extensions too, so may be nice to use on those to help lock in the colour and keep them soft!

Next we have Deep Sea Spa's Salt Brushing, which contains anti-oxidising Vitamin E, Coconut oil to nourish and of course Dead Sea salts. This 'salt brush' is meant to 'deeply hydrate, repair and soothe your body and mind', which sounds right up my street. And as it's their best selling product, I'm really excited to try it out!

Caudalie's Nourishing Body Lotion is a useful little sample tube of a very milky, lightly scented moisturiser. Illegibly, it's suppose to encourage micro-circulation and help prevent premature skin ageing - a prospect I am very wary of! I am very sceptical of products that I put all over my body, as I have sensitive skin. Therefore, I think I'll keep this tube in my bag as a handy moisturiser on the go, and hopefully it'll keep my hands looking young at the same time!

Next, a tiney tiny sample of Lierac's Comfort Peel. Anything with the word 'peel' in scares me a little if I'm honest. But nevertheless, this 'renewing cream' is meant to provide you with a 'new skin effect', which sounds pretty brilliant. It's another wrinkle preventer, but I can't seem to find anything about it on Feel Unique's site, so I'm presuming it's like a peely face mask? Please let me know if you work this one out, otherwise spose I better just slap it on and hope for the best!

This Works Clean Skin Daily Wash is so nice! I used it in the shower today on my face and it just smells so clean and I could really feel a difference in my skin after using. It's consistency is lovely as well, when you squeeze it out the bottle it's like a foam but it's actually quite creamy, it's hard to describe! It has frankincense in it, which I was really just amazed by, I've never heard of a product that has that in it! Fancy! This would definitely be a product I would repurchase after I run out of my sample.

And last, but by no means least. This is the product I'm probably most excited about, Lierac's Creme Mesolift Anti Ageing. The cream claims to be “THE ultimate anti-fatigue cream for the skin, based on THE mesolift cocktail used by doctors to energise, replump and illuminate the skin." You're never too young to start defending yourself against wrinkles, and as a 21 year old girl I'm keen to ward off any premature signs of ageing. I believe taking the steps now will make a huge difference in the future, so I'm really excited to start using this product as it sounds amazing and smells nice too!

Overall, it's a lovely selection and I really like the idea behind this month's theme. But it doesn't wow me, and most of the products aren't the kind of stuff I would normally be inclined to pick up. The products are all high end, but no full size items this month which is a disappointment, if only I'd signed up for the Christmas Beauty Box. All the same, I am looking forward to trying out all my items and giving myself a well needed pamper!


  1. I really want to try some anti ageing creams too, I noticed ACTUAL WRINKLES on my eyes yesterday


  2. I've just covered myself in the stuff! Haha!

  3. Thank you for your lovley comments on my blog this box looks lovley, is this one of the monthly subscription boxes?
    Love your blog :o) just followed x

    1. Thanks for following! Yeah it's monthly subscription, £9.95 a month. I like it too but it's definitely not as good as their Christmas box! Going to hold out for the next one and if there's no improvement going to unsub! x