Friday, 6 January 2012


I brought this shirt back in December from Select. I just love everything about it. Some of you may remember it from my rainy day wish list. From what I remember, it was £14, and £14 well spent. I love the collar, the sheerness, the gem studs and most of all the length. It has a loose fit round the mid section and covers the bottom nicely!

I actually wore this shirt on new years eve teamed with a velvet blue pair of leggings my brother got me for Christmas from Dorothy Perkins. I'll have to get pictures up of them soon, because they are seriously the best things ever!

My bow ring is from ebay and the other is from my favourite jewellery shop ever, Muse. If you have one where you live you should definitely make the most of it, they're always jam packed with amazing jewellery and at such amazing prices!


  1. I LOVE your nails, lady! Very pretty nail art xxx

  2. Completely forgot about the shop Select. I love this blouse, really suits you! x

  3. loving that blouse :) must check out the select website right now! haha


  4. gorgeous top. love see through fabrics :)

  5. I am so glad you found my blog, as now I have found yours and am in love! I've scrolled through all your recent posts and decided that you are a) someone that might just influence me to revamp my wardrobe, and b) ridiculously attractive! Looking forward to being part of your blogging adventure! Xx