Thursday, 12 January 2012

Student's Wishlist

Well, for most students, when student loan arrives, the most holiest of days in the student calendar; it's a celebratory event. But my sad reality is that, my loan just covers my rent, and my boyfriend and myself need food to survive, so no blowing the big bucks in Primark for me this term! Hours are short at work, so looks like wish lists are all that's left for me! Don't you worry though, as soon as I scrape the pennies together I'll get spending!

001. HOW CUTE IS THE DRESS! Sob sob sob, I really like this lace number. Ohh, and it has a neck tie as well. It has my name written all over it, and this is definitely at the top of my list at the moment! I was sent a 20% off code from Ark over Christmas, so as soon as my moment of weakness hits I'll be making the most of that!

002. I've got a real thing for faux items lately. My obsession with faux fur is still going strong, and now it's extending onto leather. Alas, these leggings are £40 from River Island. They'd look so nice with a flowy white blouse, nothing beats a bit of monochrome. 

003. Romwe is a newish online shop I've discovered, but practically everything on their website is right up my street. Navy is definitely one of my favourite colours to wear, plus I love the white collar popping out. But what I love the most is that it's made out of satin. How nice would they look with the leather leggings on an evening out? 

004. I'm a sucker for animal print, I have a major weakness for it. I think it may have something to do with my admiration for the Kardashians. I love these shoe boots, I mean how mega are they? I love wedges too, so much more comfortable.

005&6. I love my rings, especially cute eye catching ones like this little bunny. Plus I always wear gold jewellery, I don't know why but I always seem to avoid silver. Gold and bronze are the one. This marble double cross ring is so so cute. It's so different and I'm really into those double rings at the moment. Unfortunately, I'm under the understanding that £10 is a bit silly for a ring. One daaayyy... 


  1. laurenjanecollinson2213 January 2012 at 00:04

    all of this looks unreal, i know what you mean about lack of money! if only money grew on trees
    love your blog :)

    1. I would do anything for my own money growing house plant right now!

  2. my loan only just covers my rent too! so jealous of everyone else who gets to blow loads of it on clothes :( well, we can always dream can't we!

    1. it's so horrible isn't it? I know, just keep dreaming!!

  3. The silk shirt is gorgeous. And the cross ring is lovely i want it!

  4. Love all these, especially the dress and wedges! Had never heard of ARC before either and it looks so good- thank you!
    and thanks for following my blog and for your lovely comments :) I recommend the porefessional primer so much!
    Love Rosie x