Sunday, 4 December 2011

Ohh La La Primark French Nails

Here are my French Nails I picked up from Primark about a week or so a go. I saw them on LLYMRS blog and not being one for fake nails normally, I thought I'd give these a go. At £1, you can't really go wrong.

As they were so cheap, I was worried that the nails would look plasticy and overly fake, however, as you can see in the photo above they look very natural and really pretty in my opinion.

I did struggle to find nails out of the 24 provided that fit my nails beds comfortably as I think I have quite small fingers. Nevertheless, I picked out the nails that sat most neatly over my nail and went a head with it. The glue that comes with the nails is pretty useless, and you'll often find in such cheap products. So I used the vastly popular,
Nailene Glue. Apparently the number one selling glue in the world, I'm not surprised as to why. This is the strongest glue I have ever come across and it doesn't lie, it seriously dries in three seconds, and I learnt the hard way. If you follow me on twitter you'll of seen my photo of my fake nail fatality. Holding down my index finger nail with my thumb, I accidently glued the two together, and upon immediately pulling my thumb away I ripped some skin off of my finger. OUCH!

Other than that little (?) slip up, I continued with my nails and was really pleased with the outcome. I received a lot of compliments on the nails. They feel strong and the glue is really doing a sturdy job.

One issue is that my finger tips ached a little the morning after I applied them. I would put this down to the size of the nails in comparison to my natural nail beds. But I waited it out and the ache subsided.

I've had the nails on for a couple days now and they're still going strong. Overall, a great product if used with the right glue (just be careful!)

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