Saturday, 10 December 2011

Garnier Summer Body

So, it's definitely winter isn't it? In a bid to bring a little sunshine to my life, I've pulled out the fake tan! 

Pictured above is the last time I used Garnier Summer Body back in September for my 21st. Now, I'm not an avid user of fake tan, I don't like that organgy look and I suppose most people will tell me I don't even need it, but I do enjoy a touch of the fake stuff every now and again! I think the tanned look is slimming, and seeing as I'm never going to look pale, I might as well embrace my olive complexion! 

Being part Lebanese means, as I mentioned before, I have a little colour to my skin already. Therefore, when I do use fake tan I don't like to go the whole hog and layer on the instant stuff as I find the colour on top of my skin colour far too over bearing. I also don't enjoy the smell of instant tanners, the smell of rich tea biscuits just isn't the one. 

This Garnier gradual tanner is the most perfect tanning product in my eyes. There is nothing gradual about it - say I put it on after I shower before I go to bed, I will wake up in the morning tanned and ready to go! The colour just develops so quickly that there is no need to reapply. One appliance of this moisturising tan will give me an all over brown glow, which is just the amount of tan I like to have (unless its a real tan). You can get this tanner in two types, dark and light. I always go for the darker option because of my olive skin and because I know for sure that the colour always turns out perfectly for me. I would recommend for paler skins that if you want a subtle glow that you should go for the lighter option. 

The product has apricot exact in it, which gives it a gorgeous fruity smell - so much better than old biscuits! The cream is also so easy to rub in, you just need to make sure you wash your palms and in between fingers thoroughly after applying. Also, because it is a moisturiser as well, I always get the silkiest feeling skin after using it! I do suffer with sensitive skin and do come up with eczema every now and again, but this is one of the few scented products that doesn't aggravate my skin, so I really do recommend it for others who suffer with similar issues.

There are a couple down sides to the product, which I think are pretty minor. Obviously because it is a cream, you can't see where it has been applied as the colour doesn't appear straight away like an instant tan. So, it's important that you are thorough when applying the moisturiser, and apply it liberally all over. Another issue would be that the cream can sit in your pores for a good few hours after applying, making you feel clammy. So I'd recommend keeping yourself cool with little clothing on whilst waiting for it to dry!

These are just minor issues, and have not deterred me from buying and using Garnier Summer Body for the last 3-4 years. Yesterday I put some on for my friends Christmas party tonight (which I'm very excited about!), and its looking good this morning!

Fantastic product, and no brown bed sheets in the morning - perfect!


  1. Hi Great review, I just discovered your blog last week and im addicted. love your style.

    I love this gradual tanner also. I have just done a review on this product myself if ya fancy reading it check out the link below. I love the colour pay off and the smell, it’s definitely one of my top beauty favourites atm.

    i see this post was dated a while ago, i was just wondering if you still use it or have you found another product?

    1. Yes, I still use it! Its my go to tanner, I don't think I'd even bother looking for something else!
      I'm really pleased you're enjoying my blog, will be sure to check yours out too! X