Sunday, 11 December 2011

MUA Dusk til Dawn Eye Palette

The MUA eye shadow palettes have been receiving a lot of attention these past few weeks, and being a sucker for eye make up, I had to see what all the fuss was about!

I'm already a fan of MUA, I brought some blushers by them (for a pound each!) in the summer and was really impressed with the colour payout I got from them. So when I heard they had released a range of £4 eye shadow palettes, how could I say no?

I chose to go with the Dusk til Dawn palette, they have a really beautiful range so it was really hard to pick one! I'm really into the smokey eye look, so I thought the colours in this palette would achieve that look well. A lot of people have been saying the Heaven and Earth palette was a cheap alternative to Urban Decay's Naked palette, but seeing as I already have that, I wanted to go for something a bit different than warm neutral shades. 

So, a little about the palette. It's got 12 separate shades in there, seven of which are shimmer shades with some glitter in them (which I love). The rest are matte, and you've got some really vibrant colours in there like the turquoise green, navy blue and purple which is what really made this palette stand out to me. I was a little disappointed that the shadows didn't have individual names (but beggars can't be choosers aye?) The palette also comes with your standard sponge applicator. It's a double ended one, which can be useful for going from the lighter to darker shades, but I prefer to use eye make up brushes instead personally.

Above, I have pictured a look I did with the palette so you can see what you're working with here. Let me just say firstly, I was OVERLY IMPRESSED with this palette. To give the colours a fair chance, I did put primer on my eyes first, and applied a base coat of one of my favourite eye shadows ever, Collection 2000's Colour Intense in Frosting, which is this off-white shimmery colour. Then I hit the inner corners of my eyes with the white-ish shade, which is 4th along the top row. This colour appeared to come out a similar shade to the collection 2000 shadow I had applied underneath. I then moved a long the eyes and layered up the colours with the bronze next to it, then the golden bronze shade which is next a long in the palette, then moved on to the brighter gold on the next row. I have to say that this gold is gorgeous, and although you can't see too much of it in the photo, I think it would be a gorgeous all over colour on you lids with some primer on. I then hit the outer corners and my crease slightly with the navy blue, and ohhhh was I excited to use this colour! GEE WHIZ this blue is the BOMB! Madly pigmented, I was actually surprised by the amount of colour I got on my lids with just a few dabs on my brush. 

Overall, this palette is outstanding value for money! I could not recommend it more to any make up enthusiast! The eye shadow lasted all night, with no need to reapply and I've even woke up this morning with the look still intact (I know, naughty naughty for not taking my make up off before bed!)


  1. You look so lovely, this eye pallet sounds/looks amazing x

  2. Thank you! yeah it's really good, put it on your christmas list!! x

  3. This palette looks gorge! May have to invest. The way you've done your make up is so pretty xx

  4. so pretty. x

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