Monday, 19 December 2011

Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen

Here's a look a created on my nails with the help of Sally Hansen's Nail Art Pen in White! I ordered this pen after trying out an ordinary dotting tool but really struggling to get to grips with it! I don't know how others do it! I love doing my nails different, and being inventive with my nail style, so in an effort to make things a lot easier for myself, I brought the Sally Hansen pen.

This pen is absolutely amazing! You get so much colour from one dab of it on your nail, making it so easy and quick to use. As you can see above, I used the pen to do polka dots on my nails - one of my favourite things to do on my nails! Usually, I just dab the nail varnish brush on my nails very carefully with little polish on the actual brush to achieve the dotted effect, but with this pen you can create the look in seconds and get a much more clean finish.
I've already ordered another pen in blue, and am looking forward to having a play around with the two of them and creating some more exciting styles! Unfortunately, I couldn't find it in black, which is a shame! If anyone happens to come across one, please let me know! 

On my ring finger, I used Collection 2000's Shimmy Shake with Barry M's Nail Paint Glitter top coat, which I think turned out gorgeous, so just had to give it a mention! I think it would be a fantastic combination on all your nails over the Christmas period! 

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  1. What a brilliant thing! Love it!:) x