Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Vignette 001

Had a failed outfit post today, which I put up then took straight down. So thought I'd start a weekly portrait blog post! Because it's a spur of the moment post, I thought I'd fill it with a beauty tag post for a little fun! So, here we go.

How many times do you wash your face daily? Every other day in all honestly! I use cleansing facial wipes everyday, but my face other than that gets a proper scrub every other day.
What skin type do you have? I have bizarre skin, it used to be oily, so I treat it like oily skin by using shine control products. But in actual fact, it's quite dry in places, well in winter it definitely is. I guess that means I have combination skin?
What is your current facial wash? Beauty Formulas Shine Control Facial Wash (again with the shine control!) 
Is it really important to moisturise? Yes, really important. I get such dry skin, especially this time of year so I really can't afford not to!
How often do you moisturise your face? Everyday.
What foundation do you use? I'm always changing my foundation, currently I'm on Collection 2000's Perfect Finish. It's supposed to leave your skin looking airbrushed, and while it does have a fairly decent medium coverage, I am looking for a 'drug store' brand that's a higher coverage.
How about concealer? I've always used 17 concealers for some reason. I'm currently using 17's Hide Away and Hide & Chic!
What do you think of fake eyelashes? I love fake eyelashes, the longer and thicker your eyelashes the better in my opinion! The problem for me is that I'm awful at applying them, and I don't know if I've just picked bad brands in the past or if its just me, but I can't figure them out. If anyone recommends any to me for Christmas that would be fantastic.
Did you know that you are suppose to change your mascara every 3 months? No, I didn't actually know that! But I get through mascaras quicker than that anyway, so I think I'm safe!
What brand of mascara do you use? Body Shop's Big and Curvy, mentioned in my favourites post.
What make up tools do you use in make up application? Eye shadow brushes and my body shop blusher and powder brushes.
Do you use make up base/primer for the eyes? I use an eye make up primer to make my eye shadow more vivid and for a lasting finish. My favourite is Urban Decay Primer Potion which I got with my Naked palette. I also have a Revlon primer, but I don't get on too well with that one, it just doesn't go onto my eyes very smoothly. I also some times find with Urban Decay that it takes away my foundation base over my eyes a little which can be irritating. I spose this proves the most expensive aren't always the best. Although both primers seem to hold the pigments of the eye shadow to my eye lids, I'm looking to try MUA's eye primer and face primer as I've heard good things, plus they're so cheap!
What is your favourite eye shadow? Absolutely the MUA palettes are my favourite eye shadows at the moment, I've got the Dusk til Dawn, Glitter Ball and Immaculate palettes, and I'm in love with them all.  
Do you line your eyes? Yes, I wear eye liner practically every day. When I have a bare eye I usually just draw on some winged liner and lots of mascara.
Do you use pencil or liquid eye liner? Mainly pencil, and I just keep it really sharp to get a nice dark and defined look, as I don't usually have the patience to use liquid liner as I feel I have less control when I use it. However, I do have a few liquid liners I love, and do like to use it every now and again when I'm in the mood. The rest of the time I use Collection 2000's Kohl eye liner, and have done for years and it's never let me down.
How often do you poke your eyes with an eye liner pencil? I never get myself with my eye liner, but I have got myself a few times with my mascara brush, getting too close to the base of the lashes. My god, that hurts! 
What is your favourite lipstick? I do love lipsticks so much, and I'm always looking at them when I'm shopping for make up, but I often don't wear them because I'm worried I look too done up. I'm really trying to push myself to wear them more, and I did get an amazing red the other day from Maybelline in the shade Wined and Dined! It's defiantly a colour for Christmas so I'll make an effort to get it out this season!
How about lip gloss? I love Collection 2000's Hotlights lip gloss in the shade Star. I love wearing it over my Revlon matt lipstick, Nude Attitude.
What blush on do you use? I'm using a couple of the MUA Blushers at the moment, and I always put on a bronzer underneath, either Natural Collection or MUA Bronzer which I really like at the moment.
Do you buy your make up on eBay? I do buy some make up from eBay. It's a useful place to look if you're looking for a brand that's a little pricey and you're trying a product out for the first time.
Do you like drug store make up? Yes, I really do. I love looking for bargains and playing around with different brands. I could never afford to always spend on high end brands, especially being a student!